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This pic was taken at our cabin where we had many fish fries & barbeques with family and friends. That's me sitting on the floor with the cup in my hand and the ribs on my plate. My cousin Eric is behind me in the USA shirt. Love you cuz!

When it came to eating barbecue, Dad's ribs were always my favorite and I loved it when he cooked 'em up. We didn't have a smoker back then, and unbeknownst to me until much later in life, he'd boil them first (yikes!) then finish them on the grill.

Once on the grill though the magic began to happen. He'd slowly over many hours mop BBQ sauce on the ribs, which would build up and create a caramelized goodness. That caramelized goodness is what I remember the most. And licking my fingers!

Dad's ribs are what influenced my ribs. Minus the boiling of course! My Ode to MO sauce is an homage to the sweet sauce that my dad would use; he's from Senath, MO.

Another huge influence on my barbeque are bar-b-ques (what the locals call a bbq pork sandwich), chopped or sliced, hot or mild, and always topped with a creamy apple coleslaw. (Check out my Crunchy Apple Arkanslaw if you want to try some.) The neck of the woods I'm from The Diary Bar and Craig's serve up the best bar-b-ques! If you go to Craig's you can mosey across the street and get a fried pie.

Des Arc Sign
Dana Neely
Des Arc Tower

Where It All Began

This is where it all began, in Des Arc, AR. The flavors I grew up with here are what I bring to you now. I'm sure you're going to love them as much as I do!