Kids sitting on a living room floor eating BBQ

About Girls Gone BBQ

Girls Gone BBQ is the brainchild of Arkansas Delta Native Dana Neely, originally from the small town of Des Arc on the White River.

Dana grew up enjoying her father’s BBQ ribs & decided to learn the trade herself. Inspired by her childhood, she created Girls Gone BBQ.

Her specific style includes slow hickory-smoked meats, tangy Delta-Q sauces & Eastern Arkansas staples.

Having started the business in Seattle in 2008, there’s some Pacific Northwest influence, in particular, vegan & vegetarian BBQ options.

Dana has always felt BBQ should be an experience for everyone. This isn’t yer good ole boys BBQ.

Everyone is welcome.

Get some!

Online Ordering Coming Soon

Our online ordering is still being set up.

In the meantime, feel free to call us at 479.879.8222