Smokin' Sammiches

slapped on local Rockin Baker Brioche, topped with Arkanslaw, choice of sauce + one side

Pulled Pork

signature fall-apart tender, GGBBQ sauce-soaked pork butt



juicy brisket, best with Ode to Mo sauce



snappy house-made sausage, served on a hoagie roll


Delta Dog

house-made sausage, yellow mustard, smothered in baked beans, served on a hoagie roll, with Arkanslaw


Pulled Chicken

fall-apart tender smoked pulled chicken, Delta Q & Arkanslaw


GG Vegan

house-made sweet potato & quinoa veggie patty on a vegan brioche bun, topped with smoked poblano pepper and our vegan BBQ sauce
+ arkanslaw to make it vegetarian!  $0.50



Sister Rosetta Tharp Chop

mixed greens, smoked black-eyed peas, red onion, mini bells, cornbread croutons
choice of dressing: lemon vinaigrette or creamy poblano

+ cheese $1
+ a meat for +$4 / +$7 for brisket


BBQ Frito Pie

corn chips, bacon & pulled pork baked beans, topped with a smoked serrano pepper, cheddar cheese, and onion
+ a meat for $4 / +$7 for brisket


BBQ Frito Pie Vegan/Veggie

corn chips, vegan baked beans, vegan cheese, smoked serrano pepper, and onion
sub cheddar cheese if vegetarian


Hot Southern Mess

two heapin’ scoops of mac & cheese topped with meat of your choice
+$4 for brisket


Pink Plate Specials

meat plates served with cornbread, choice of sauce & two sides 
+$5 per serving of brisket

Single Meat


Two Meats


Three Meats


Vegetable Plate

choose up to FOUR sides + cornbread



Delta Q | GGBBQ Original

punchy with a balance of spice, sweet & tangy, my family’s original from Des Arc, Arkansas

Ode to MO | Sweet Rye

how dad likes it; made sweeter with a rye whiskey & molasses caramel stirred in

Cache River Kick | Spicy

infused with preserved smoked chiles, providing another level of depth & heat

Arkie Vegan | Sauce for Hippies

with the same flavor profile of our GGBBQ original, just veg-friendly

Party Packs

choose meats, comes with cornbread, choice of sauce & three side pints; serves about 4 hungry folk
+$10 for brisket

Single Meat


Two Meats


Three Meats


Better Than a Sidedish

4oz – $2.50 | 8oz – $4.50 | Pint – $8.00 | Quart – $15.00

Pepperjack Mac-N-Cheese

Bacon & Pulled Pork Baked Beans

Vegan Baked Beans

Apple Arkanslaw

Creamy Potato Salad

Grilled Greens

Smoked Black-Eyed Peas

Seasonal Veggie

Crispy-Edge Cornbread with Smoked Serrano Rye Whiskey Honey | $3.50 per piece

 = Vegan

 = Gluten-free


Seasonal Cobbler

fruit cobbler, tender pastry, served with ice cream


Nana Puddin'

clouds of vanilla bean banana pudding with nilla wafers folded in


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